Welcome to a new era

Join us at the largest and most ambitious digital transformation conference in the Nordics. Digital Agenda addresses the opportunities and threats of the digital era. It takes you on a journey from digi-hyping to digi-doing.

In the near future, business will become IT, and IT will become business. Hence, this conference is for everybody. No one can turn their back on the exponential impact of digital. At Deloitte, we are committed to helping companies come out on top of this inevitable transformation.

"We live in a time of digital Darwinism. Technology evolves. Markets evolve. But how is your business keeping up?"

Brian SolisGlobally recognised thought leader in digital transformation


Innovation Lab


Together with Singularity University, Deloitte presents an interactive innovation lab offering insights into new technologies. Join us and get hands-on experience with brand new technologies, try out drones or learn more about e.g. robots, 3D-printing, virtual reality and brainwave technology.

Innovation Lab


Deloitte Digital

Digital Agenda 2016 marks the launch of Deloitte Digital in the Nordics. This brand is Deloitte’s response to the digital revolution, and analysts recognise it as the leading digital agency worldwide. We have already added 150 creative digital consultants in the Nordics to our global headcount of 5,500.


Networking dinner

Enjoy a three-course menu with like-minded at restaurant Nimb Terrace in the heart of Tivoli Gardens.



Be bold, be innovative, be a daredevil. Break free and experience our 25 outstanding speakers – read more.