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Opening keynote(see floorplan)
Paul Thompson, Partner, Head of Deloitte Digital Nordic and EMEA
Opening keynote(see floorplan)
Digital Transformation is a Human Story
Brian Solis, Best selling author

We live in a time of digital Darwinism. Technology evolves. Markets evolves. But how is your business keeping up? One of the biggest trends in business today is digital transformation and it’s helping companies learn how to compete for a new era of business? But, what is digital transformation? Who owns digital transformation? Who’s doing it right? How do you get executives on board? How do you measure progress? At Digital Agenda 2016, Brian will share his latest research and perspectives in what he sees as prominently missing from many of today’s top digital strategies.

Track A(see floorplan)
Momondo´s great journey
Tore Pein Jensen, Global CMO, Momondo

Momondo is on a journey to create the highest possible revenue growth with a profitable strategy through marketing and product innovation. With a presence in 35 markets and continuous TV commercials running in 11 markets, agility and insourcing to optimize globally is key to the marketing strategy. Hear about momondo’s growth drivers, and how the brand’s purpose to open the world recently was executed through the viral campaign The DNA Journey.

Track B(see floorplan)
Turn the Digital Economy to your advantage with Predictive Analytics
Herve Kauffmann, Senior Director - SAP

With the objective of turning new, digital assets to advantages and gain new competitive edges, enterprises strive to adapt to new technologies connecting millions of people and invests in technology to digitize and connect their network of suppliers, customers and finance systems to seamlessly engage in every single interaction and every single transaction. Predictive Analytics is a prerogative for companies to benefit from digitization and to fully leverage the ability to store, aggregate, and combine data and to perform deep analyzes to stay ahead of competition and excel in customer experience.

Track C(see floorplan)
Strategy that works for 110 years and more
Kristian Luoma, Head of new business development, OP Finance group

OP Financial Group has a bold new update to strategy that has not actually changed for 110 years. Changing with the customer matters more than changing with the industry. What is OP trying to achieve with the latest updates to the strategy? Why does it matter? It's not all slides and brilliant ideas. OP has actually created a hospital as well as an award-winning mobile wallet. That is a proof that value driven strategy is not in contradiction with keeping up with the world that keeps changing around us.

Track D(see floorplan)
Digitalization, Agility and Customer Satisfaction
Mats Ferm, Head of Customer Intelligence, Swedbank

In the era of digitalization customer behavior and customer loyalty can change rapidly.
Agility becomes a requirement for businesses in order to stay relevant for the customers. At Swedbank, Mats Ferm, head of Customer Intelligence, and his team used data and analytics to identify the customer behavior across channels. With these insights they helped the business teams to increase customer satisfaction and at the same reducing the cost to serve customers.

Track E(see floorplan)
BESTSELLER B2B - Creating digital nearness
Pernille Geneser, CIO, Bestseller

Pernille Geneser, BESTSELLER CIO, speaks about the digital B2B journey BESTSELLER is on right now. With a new platform BESTSELLER strives to bring fashion, a typically analogue business, into a new B2B era and at the same time creating a digital nearness to their customers. BESTSELLER launched their new platform, DIRECT, in late 2014, and while still deeply involved in the change management process, they are starting to gain valuable learning.

Track A(see floorplan)
Google's take on digital transformation
Guillaume Bacuvier, Vice president, Advertising solutions, EMEA, Google

What exactly is this digital disruption everyone is talking about?
Why it matters to any company in any sector of industry?
What are the keys strategic questions any company should ask itself?
Some examples of what digital transformation can deliver in benefits, using examples from the sales & marketing function?

Track B(see floorplan)
How Dagrofa used integration to transform their organization to be more competitive and increase customer satisfaction
Per Ahlmann & Ulrik Nielsen, CIO & Platform Manager, Dagrofa

Per Ahlmann will present how IT plays a significant role in Dagrofa´s significant transformation journey. Ulrik Nielsen will present learnings on how Boomi iPaaS enabled Dagrofa to speed up the transformation and in very short time deploying a number of significant process
to the stores enabling the grocers to be more competitive and increasing customer satisfaction.

Track C(see floorplan)
How can retailers offer something the customer didn’t know it needed? How do you “WOW” your customer? How do you merge the physical and the digital shoppers’ behavior?
Mats Forsberg, Founder, Urb-it

Commerce has developed enormously and is continuously taking steps in the digital world. Mats Forsberg from Urb-it speaks about how physical stores can use the urban environment and turn the modern consumers lack of time in to something positive. Urb-it challenges an outdated logistics industry by offering a unique shopping experience for both customers and shops, by utilizing the synergies between physical stores and E-commerce. urb-it allows your customers to shop truly mobile and get their products when they want them, wherever they want them.

Track D(see floorplan)
Virtual Workforce as an Enterprise Transformation Lever
Tuomo Sievilä, Robotics Concept Owner, Nordea

Nordea simplification journey: from many to one
Robotics as a key lever during the transition journey
Nordea’s approach to Robotics

Track E(see floorplan)
From climate to capital - Through IOT
Line Storelvmo Holmberg, Director, Plant Siting & Forecasting, Vestas

Application of IOT and HPC
Capture the value of IOT

Line will present how the combination of connected devices, use of analytics and high performance computing has transformed Vestas and provided substantial financial benefits.

Track C(see floorplan)
Special lunch session - UNSILO: Artificial Intelligence for research
Mads Rydahl, Innovation Executive & Co-founder, Unsilo

UNSILO works with leading Scientific Publishers to enrich their content and improve discoverability across domains and disciplines. Our discovery tools capture trending ideas and novel concepts as they emerge, and they help researchers find articles that describe parallel research of similar ideas across different domains and disciplines. In this talk I will present our vision, describe some of the major challenges we are currently trying to solve, and outline the future direction of what we call Text Intelligence.

Track D(see floorplan)
Special lunch session - Disrupt or be disrupted.
Jacques Soelberg, Regional Sales Director, Salesforce

Everybody talks about being customer centric and how to stay relevant and agile.
What does it really mean? What does it mean to your business? And how can it be done?

Track E(see floorplan)
Special lunch session - Bluemix Garage - Innovation as a service
Roger Williams, Bluemix services leader Europe, IBM Bluemix

Leveraging the IBM Bluemix Garage to Accelerate Innovation and Transformation across your Enterprise...

The IBM Bluemix Garage, a self-disrupting startup within IBM, is changing the way IBM engages with, and delivers innovative solutions to its customers.
It uses Lean Start-up and Agile principles, IBM Design Thinking and next-generation software engineering techniques to rapidly deliver MVPs and core Business solutions to companies ranging from start-ups to large Enterprises, helping them to disrupt, and transform.

Learn about the People, Place, Practices and Platform, including Services such as Watson, IoT and Analytics, and what makes the IBM Bluemix Garage the right innovation Partner for you.

Keynote(see floorplan)
The digital revolution - a new management challenge
Jim Hagemann Snabe, Former Co-CEO of SAP AG and currently Board member of the World Economic Forum.

The world is at an inflection point. After more than 200 years of optimizing the logic of the industrial era, we are rapidly entering the digital revolution. The digital technologies offer significant opportunities to rethink business models and transform entire industries. For the first time in history we have the opportunity to understand and deliver towards individual customer needs, optimize resources, develop circular ecosystems based on zero waste - and even reinvent healthcare towards preventive care and individualized treatments. With the increasing expectations of more than 7 billion people, it is time to question the fundamental assumptions of the industrial era and transform the way we do business. The opportunities are significant - but so are the challenges. How do we lead the transformation of businesses and industries? How can we shape the future of the digital era in a way that is good for business and for society?

Keynote(see floorplan)
Disruption, why being the best can be a serious problem
Stefan Hyttfors, Acclaimed futurist, author and global speaker focusing on disruptive technologies, behavioural change and next generation leadership.

Stefan speaks about exponential technologies and introduces us to software as a disruption that will influence every industry in the coming decade. He also discusses ROI – the Risk Of Ignorance – and the behavioral changes between generations X, Y and Z.

Track A(see floorplan)
Be Bold, Be Innovative, Be a Dare Devil
Torben Fabrin, CIO, Arla

Be Bold, Be Innovative, Be a Dare Devil – these are some of the words the Arla executive management put on the ambitions/goals for 2017. An enabler for this is a solid digital strategy. But how do you get to that point? Torben Fabrin will take you on a journey of getting Digital on top of the agenda – not only in IT but across the business and how agility and data foundations are a prerequisite for succeeding in the digital arena.

Track B(see floorplan)
Dublin Airport Authority Flies with TARGIT
Ray Cleary, BI Manager, Dublin Airport Authority

BI Manager Ray Cleary from Dublin Airport Authority explains how they use TARGIT to streamline their business.
Working with data users in daa Ray and his team identified that their top two requirements were access to their data and a tool they could use themselves. The Data & Analytics team have been able to provide access to enhanced data and now the users are very happy with TARGIT as the data visualisation tool for daa.
Dublin Airport Authority has been using TARGIT to help better manage the duty free retail side of business. They were so impressed with the increase in efficiency that they brought TARGIT on for their carpark booking and total airport operations starting in 2013. From queue lengths to flight tracking, TARGIT is there with a single business intelligence and analytics solution for every need. Hear Cleary describe their real-life cases

Track C(see floorplan)
Future of Finance
Tuva Palm, CTO, Nordnet Bank

The arena for financial services in changing rapidly. The bank industry is both disrupted, and in the evolution of becoming something new. We see new kind of partnership between banks and start-ups, we see new kind of collaborations between banks, and we see a customer segment who requests a new kind of financial products. What will customers look for in future financial services and who will provide it to them? Learn more from Fintech executive Tuva Palm.

Track D(see floorplan)
Profitable business through Data management, advanced analytics and personalization
Martin Jonassen, Head of BI and Analytics, Storytel/Mofibo

Martin speaks about taking a data-driven approach to all key business areas. How Mofibo established a profitable business through Data management, advanced analytics and personalization. He also discuss the needs across the organization, to make it possible to create a data-driven culture. He will also take you through the challenges of merging with another business culture

Track E(see floorplan)
Humans and Machines in an Automated Workplace
Peter Ankerstjerne, CMO, ISS World Services

Discussing the consequences of the intelligent workspace and how decision-makers can manage the opportunities and challenges that will arise in our increasingly automated workplace. Quality service and the human interface will be an important factor in the future workplace together with cognitive computing, big data and IoT. Hear about the perspectives from ISS with focus on;
• The ISS/IBM partnership
• The intelligent workplace
• The connection between automation and personal service
• The touchpoints

Track A(see floorplan)
Transforming Customer Journeys
Søren Finsel Bisgaard, First Vice President, Group Process Development, Danske Bank

The business automation technology landscape is rapidly evolving and enabling new opportunities to transform customer journeys in the financial industry.
Business Process Management (BPM) and Robotics Process Automation (RPA) are powerful technologies to transform customer journeys at low cost and high speed.
Cognitive computing can have huge potential – currently at exploratory stage in leading banks.
Continued focus and investment needed to keep at pace with industry leaders and fintech challengers

Track B(see floorplan)
The Beautiful Science of Data Visualization
Hursh Rughani, Sales Consultant, Tableau Software

We are on the verge of an exciting new revolution, driven by cutting edge science and research. After all, seeing and understanding data is not just about creating queries, dashboards, and workbooks—we are the people who are amplifying human potential. In this session, we will show examples of how visual and cognitive science explain what makes data visualization so deeply satisfying. Why does a collection of bars, lines, colours, and boxes become surprisingly powerful and meaningful? How does fluid interaction with data views multiply our intelligence? Three decades of research into the beautiful science of data visualization explains why history has converged at this moment and why data enthusiasts will change the world.

Track C(see floorplan)
Data Driven Tax Administration
Søren Overgaard, CTO, CDO, CISO, Danish Tax and Customs

SKAT, Danish Tax and has recently shifted IT strategy from focusing on complex it systems as primary, we now focus on use of data as the core asset of the company - becoming a data- and analytics-driven company. SKAT's new data platform, Databank, is being build to achieve this. By using new big data technology, SKAT has gained stronger data-driven insights in our customer's experience, behavioral patterns, compliance and fraud - increasing our revenue, satisfaction and efficiency. The Databank concept and a few cases are presented, incl. Panama Papers.

Track D(see floorplan)
Creating a digital culture - What can traditional organizations learn from digital natives?

For traditional companies, making the transition to thinking and acting digitally is easier said than done. Yet digital natives must also continually work to maximize the advantages of digital technology and continue to nurture their culture.

Track E(see floorplan)
How IoT & Wearables will Change the Future of Business
Grimur Fjeldsted, Head of Digital Innovation, Ecco Innovation Lab

How IoT & Wearables will Change the Future of Business
Companies are rapidly adopting technological interventions like IoT, wearables and mobile that fundamentally change how businesses and consumers interact. In the coming years companies will have to adapt their culture, as well as to rethink their offering, service and business models in terms of value creation and capture, as we move from standalone product thinking to connected platform thinking.

Closing keynote(see floorplan)
50 ideas in 50 minutes to change your world
Peter Fisk, Founder and CEO of GeniusWorks. Author of the bestselling Gamechangers and featured in "Thinkers 50 Guru Radar" as one of the best business thinkers.

Peter takes you through the new rules of business, when he introduces 50 ideas and 50 inspirations in 50 minutes to change your world. Peter brings new insights into incredible brands and businesses like Airbnb and Uber, Alibaba and Xiaomi, who are shaking up every market right now. In short: Peter inspires you to think differently, in order to develop an innovative strategy for the future of your business.