Digital Agenda

Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center
Copenhagen 7 March 2019
9.00 – 18.30


Get ready to reimagine everything

New technologies represent an opportunity to reset the world. But without imagination, we are simply adding new technology to our old way of doing business. To innovate, we depend on our ability to reimagine everything – to dare think differently. Use your imagination and outthink the unthinkable.

At Digital Agenda, the focus is on joining new technologies and imaginative approaches to create innovative businesses that will actually make a difference. Experts, visionary leaders and inventors from everywhere will gather at Digital Agenda 2019 to share their knowledge and insights with you, leaving you inspired and ready to ride the next digital wave.

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Børsen is proud to be a part of Digital Agenda that each year attracts some of the greatest minds within digital transformation to interact, engage and learn from each other. Katja Neubert Johansen, Børsen

I had a great time at Digital Agenda 2018. It was an awesome event which left me quite inspired. Søren Smed Østergaard, Novo Nordisk

[Digital Agenda] is a great opportunity to learn what’s new, what’s going on and to experience what others are doing. Morten Meldgaard, Chr. Hansen A/S

There was a general high-standard in the keynotes and workshops, which also came across some of the main topics within digitization. All in all, a really well executed day, which I for sure will visit again. Mads Jensen, Søstrene Grene

Program - Tailor your highlights

You can tailor your day to your interests no matter whether this entails being inspired to rethink your business model, learning more about trending digital topics, experiencing real-life cases or getting hands-on experience with a selection of emerging technologies.



Digital Agenda 2019 will boost your knowledge on the following hot topics:


Digital business models and transformation

Reinventing your business poses several challenges. You can choose between altering your existing business model or transforming it completely. Either way you need to embrace the new technologies to transform your business and create new revenue streams.

Digital customer engagement

Channels and customer touchpoints are constantly multiplying. Today’s digital customer engagement is contextual and personal - and should be based not just on who the customers are, but where they are, what they have done, and what they are likely to want next. This relation-driven interaction is at the core of digital business.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Predicting the future has naturally an immense potential. Machine learning processes company data and finds patterns in order to predict what will happen next. Around the globe, many industries are realizing the huge scope of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Robotics and cognitive automation

We know the robots are coming. Actually, we know they are already here. However, how do we use them to improve our businesses and find new revenue streams? Automation is a big wave in business optimisation and it will drive significant cost savings and quality improvements for companies everywhere.

Emerging technologies

We use them to activate our data and they play a key role in the digital transformation. Augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, blockchain and internet of things can process an ocean of new insight, interactions and possibilities that will revolutionise our lives and businesses.

Date & venue

7 March 2019 | 09:00-18:30.
Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center
Arni Magnussons Gade 2
1557 Copenhagen V

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Practical information

Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center
Arni Magnussons Gade 2, 1577 København


Registration and breakfast opens at 08:00. 


At Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center, a huge video-monitored car park is available for all guests. The car park is patrolled by the independent carpark company ONEPARK and has direct access to the hotel through the basement.
All you have to do is draw a ticket upon arrival and pay at departure by credit card in the car park.

Per hour = DKK 25,00
Per day (7 hours +) = DKK 150,00


Registration and information desk
When you arrive at Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center on 1 March, you will be welcomed by our staff at the registration desk. At the registration desk you will receive your name badge, the conference pocket guide and other information materials. .


Throughout the day you can free of charge use the wardrobe located just below the Congress Hall / Plenary area. 


To view the floorplan please flip your screen. (mobile view only)


Wireless internet
Free 12mbit wireless internet is available in the conference area.
Network: Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center
Password: tivolihotel


Presentations and evaluation form
The presentations not excluded by confidential reasons will be available after the conference in PDF, distributed by e-mail. In order to improve Digital Agenda, we appreciate if you find the time to fill out the evaluation form and hand it in at the registration desk. Thank you.


Phone usage
In consideration for your fellow attendees, please put your phone on silent mode during the sessions.


If you have any questions or need help during the day, please do not hesitate to contact the conference staff. 

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