WORKSHOP Disruptive Proposition Design


09:00 to 15:00 Tuesday 10th March




CxO's, Business Unit Leaders, P&L Owners, Product Owners and their direct reports 

Disruptive Proposition Design – making big ideas Real, FastTM

Why Innovate?

Your future is uncertain. Of course it is.

Today, there are many possible futures. That’s not the challenge. Large businesses face a challenge of choice.  You can sink large sums of money setting up the finest innovation processes, structures, frameworks and strategies, but you want to ensure you’re onto a winner before betting your future on any particular one.

How do you manage the diverse portfolio of opportunities, manage the risk and have the confidence to (a) build something to test your riskiest assumptions, and (b) to launch and scale your new proposition, i.e. product, service, experience, of business?

It’s a balancing act between the need to prove real value, from real customer behaviour and real operational realities, whilst reducing the risk of misspent time, talent and money.

Today, we do that by making things Real, FastTM

At Market Gravity, a Deloitte business, we bring your future forward and make it real, fast. We take uncertain opportunities and turn them into customer-validated and commercially viable propositions that are ready to launch. Real Fast.

We measure success by what actually hits the market. Live or die.

We work with CxOs, product owners, P&L owners, and the entrepreneurs of big business to design and launch new propositions into the market. We work together in squads of cross-functional teams, bringing the best of Deloitte and our clients’ capabilities to develop a rich customer and market insight base, generate a large number of ideas to address the customer and business challenge(s), validate them with customers, prioritise and select the highest potential concepts and turn them into customer-validated value propositions and bring them to life using prototypes. We bring rigour and pace to accelerate the design and delivery of new propositions, working in 4-week sprints or missions, to get as far as we can in the time that we can to get to a solution that customers love, our clients can operationalize, and makes money. 

Come to our one-day taster session to understand what we do, how we do it, what your teams would be doing during our missions, to drive profitable revenue growth in your business.

PRICE 2,495 DKK 3,118.75 Incl. VAT

Attend workshop

Key takeaways

Overview of our proposition design methods and tools that we’ve used to create over £2bn in revenues for our clients.

Rapid application of key steps in the process using the tools and methods on a real case study.


speaker portrait

Saurav Chaudhuri

Principal consultant and London Studio Lead, Market Gravity

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