WORKSHOP The Technology Fallacy


09:00 to 15:00 Tuesday 10th March


Read our 2018 and 2019 studies on Digital Maturity conducted in partnership with MIT Sloan Management Review.


CxO's, Top Management, Middle management, Executives

The Technology Fallacy

Digital technologies are disrupting organizations of every size and shape, leaving managers scrambling to find a technology fix that will help their organizations compete.  But most people don’t realize that digital disruption is primarily about people.  And effective digital transformation involves changes to organizational dynamics and how work gets done.  A focus only on selecting and implementing the right digital technologies is not likely to lead to success. The best way to respond to digital disruption is by changing the company culture to be more agile, risk tolerant, and experimental.

How can organizations make the necessary changes to people and processes to become more digitally mature?  Deloitte and MIT Sloan Management Review have been studying these questions for the past five years.  Their research highlighted in the recently launched book, The Technology Fallacy: How People Are the Real Key to Digital Transformation, is based on multiple annual global surveys of more than 16,000 respondents across industries and interviews with more than seventy-five executives at companies like Walmart, Google, MetLife, Salesforce, Marriott, and Facebook.

Anh Phillips, an author of The Technology Fallacy and Natasha Buckley, lead researcher of MIT SMR and Deloitte’s annual digital trends collaboration will facilitate this full day workshop, helping participants develop tools and perspectives that they can leverage to enable their organizations to be more digital.

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Key takeaways

Learn how organizations can take advantage of opportunities offered by new technologies — and address the specifics of digital transformation.

Analyze how leaders and workers can manage, adapt, and thrive in a world and time marked by disruption.

Learn how to think about business strategy in a competitive environment infused with technology across longer time frames.   

Identify the key enablers for digital acceleration. 


speaker portrait

Anh Nguyen Phillips

Senior manager, Center for Integrated Research, Deloitte US

speaker portrait

Natasha Buckley

Senior manager, Center for Integrated Research, Deloitte US

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